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August 19, 2011 — Leave a comment

To fellow 31 Sisters who may come across this blog,

just FYI that this site has been viewed by CAGS on August 15, 2011 by E.W.  and I have made the requested changes to remain compliant with their standards.  Just thought I should mention it in case one is wondering if one should make a phone call to CAGS and to report this blog due to P&P rules.  I understand that it doesn’t seem right and unclear with what we can or cannot do with social media, particularly with blogs and FB, Even with my many questions to them, it is still unclear to me at times.  What is clear is that we cannot sell products on our blogs, only on our replicated web site.  We cannot recruit in our blogs.  We cannot have an inkling of “Join my team, “Book a party with me,” or “Buy this now…”  We CAN talk about the products we like and how we use it.  If a reader wants one, they will ask us.  And we can only lead them to where (by private message) after they ask.  Honestly, I have never had a stranger or random visitor who have bought from me due to this blog.  I do know that people are falling in love with Thirty-One by reading blogs and then go find someone local or go to the company website to ask for a consultant because of a random blog. I am a consultant.  I am not here to sell or recruit.  I even have to the corporate site where anyone can sign up with Thirty-One.   This blog is just about 31 products I like from the company and why, and serves as an information site to my face-to-face customers.  There are other blogs out there that are by Thirty-One consultants that are CAGS approved as well.  I keep touch with them.  Thanks for reading.

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Your unofficial Thirty-One Gifts reporter posting on tips, ideas, and pictures to share her love of Thrity-One products. She is not promoting a personal Thirty-One business, but is merely here to help potential customers and Thirty-One consultants see what amazing products Thirty-One Gifts has to offer! She simply loves this stuff!

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