The New Fitted Elite Purse Skirt in Black

September 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

My friend and sponsor was just telling me the other day how much she really loves her elite purse skirt.   When she was at our national conference, that I did not get to go to, she sent me a picture with our fellow sister standing beside a giant version of this skirt.  It was huge… maybe about the width of a car?  Anyway, she later got the purse and has been totin’ it around town.  What is special about it?  It is made of the softest (brushed twill?) cotton and goes really well on an evening outfit or every day wear if you happen to wear a lot of black like I do.  But more than that, each every flower on this purse is handmade – each and everyone of them – so no one will have the same exact same purse as you =_


I love all things handmade and thinking of getting this for myself.  I could save some $ and just buy the skirt but my purse base is brown, so I don’t think it will go well…. but going with this ensemble wouldn’t be so bad either as I would have a black base and this one has a zipper closure and not just the magnetic one like last season’s skirt purse.  What would you go with?  P.S., for those who love color and flowers, check out ‘Watercolor Garden’ print.  It is beautiful!

The first time I saw the catalog, I was not too thrilled about all the dark colors but just like most things, I warm up to them and eventually fall in love with it.  With that said, I am just recently warning up to this season’s items.  I guess the more we see them, the more our eyes get used to them, therefore we like it?  Who knows…. But there are lots of black and white I see in the mailers and fashion catalogs ranging from clothes all the way to dishes and home decor

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