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This site was created to share my love of Thirty-One Products.  More and more, this site has become just more than that.  You may be here because you are looking to see if Thirty-One can make you some $? Though your Thirty-One recruiter is the best source for all things Thirty-One (after all, they are actively running a successful Thirty-One business), I feel that I have to address something that a lot of new recruits have not been told about before joining, and in many cases, are caught off guard like a “deer in headlights” when they get a phone call from the compliance department.

So let me make this clear: Thirty-One Reps cannot have a FB Page to market their Thirty-One business.

Why?   Depends on where you get the information.
For months and months i have read reps online backup the company’s decision to bann FB Pages.  Consultants’ reasoning for agreeing with the company range from “Thirty-One is only looking out for us, they don’t want us to look bad by spamming and constantly pushing products in people’s faces and being annoying,” to “People looking to use Facebook to have a successful business is not taking their business seriously, anyway.  You can’t be successful doing t online”.

The most prevalent reason as to why no Facebook Pages for Thirty-One reps is just mainly misinformation.  Here is the most recent one I came across this morning posted by a Senior Executive Director (just about as high as you can get with Thirty-One) as to why not:

“Thirty-One’s policy is actually based off Facebook’s policy…”

I replied with:

“[Name withheld] are you are talking about Personal FB Accounts.  The other person was talking about Pages.

Facebook Pages are for business – plain and simple.  FB Ads can be bought by those who have Pages.  I am well versed in FB pages and the process and have bought FB ad spaces.

Thirty-One not allowing them to use Facebook Pages has NOTHING to do with FB rules and  regulations.  I don’t want to be… about it but I am really sick of 31 reps quoting whoever told them that 31 is only looking out for them by not allowing them to have FB pages.  Really?!!!  Are we not all grown adults that can look for themselves and see what the real FB policies are on personal accounts and FB pages?

I do online marketing and I teach people how to market online.  Why would I want my clients to go against FB policy?  31 needs to be real and say “We do not allow FB Pages because it is not a level playing field and trumps on the business model that we intended – face to face.  And it is NOT FAIR that I as a mom who works 9-5 cannot market myself of FB while someone at home with a computer can.”  Guess who told me that? CAGS of 31. Yep it is true and so very true.  I told her that she as a 9-5 have the opportunity to market to people outside that home and I could deem that as unfair to me. Her “fairness” line makes no sense to me and fairness is obviously relative.  She concluded with that FB Pages are not allowed and if I do not remove it, I will be terminated by 31.

As a mom with 1 family car with the hubby all day at work and 2 small babies, I relied on online sales and I did quite well.  I have a friend who do parties and no online and did really well.  I have a friend a couple of miles the opposite direction and no online for her and she struggled to get parties and sales and I, who was doing it pretty much online, did better than her.  Simply, you learn to do with what you have but my way was not 31’s way.  With 31 taking that away because of “fairness to all” and to “level the playing field,” I took my business and time elsewhere.  So glad I did!

There are a lot of No Nos for a 31 rep and being online.  If you are thinking of working a biz online and from home, this is NOT the company for you, unless you do not mind the calls from their home office as they do check up on the phone calls from 31 reps that have turned your “non-compliant” self in.

I have since joined other DS companies that give me the freedom market online ethically and within rules of my companies, FB, blogging, ecommerce, google, and all regulators private and government.  Having a FB Page for 31 does not break FB Policy, it breaks 31 Policy.

It is true, so far, that you cannot solely make Director with being only online but if you are just an inch away from making it, or not having ANY sales at all doing it the 31 way, any of that from online would have been nice.  FB Pages lead me to sales and parties.  When it was a no-no, my form of marketing was gone.  I was not going to buy a car or go get me a 9-5 to pay for it either =)

Now back to the question…  31 quality has gotten better.  I stopped peddling 31 before the end of last year.  I simply enjoy or buying from my 31 friends.  Initials inc started in 2010 (it is not 3 years old yet) and i just placed 2 orders from II and still await them.  I am in love with the gray Paloma and Chevron print.

I joined 31 right before the freeze and just phased it out of my life as I prefer to write and blog without phone calls from 31 and eventually establish an online ad agency.

Last word on this:  If Thirty-One is really looking out for their reputation and how consultants represent their company – or might make them look bad – a training on proper and ethical marketing of their brand is probably a way better method, instead of enforcing the banning by phone calls to the “non-compliants”  for the use of modern-day tools  that are free to all (can’t get more level-playing field that that) that time and time again – when used with best practices – have shown to grow and multiply business. (More than half of people my age look online for reviews and coverage of a product or company before they “buy in” to it.  You are probably one of them and why you stumbled on this blog of mine.)  When I recommended that they TEACH instead of BAN, CAGS told me that they are not going to get into the business of teaching marketing on FB Pages. What?!!!  Enforcing and threatening to kick them out if they use the free service must be the better option…. Sigh….


But hey… all hope is not lost… I will post what is ALLOWED on Facebook for Thirty-One Reps!  Coming soon!

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