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Spring 2013 Thirty-One Gifts Starter Kit

Thirty One Gifts 2013 Enrollment Kit

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Use this to peak interest and entice Holiday shopping with you!

I have heard it many times before…. in direct sales, where you are selling products, you end up spending more than you make because you simply keep buying and buying the things that you like.  I understand how easily one can fall prey to that as you get everything you love on a discount.  But let not your heart be too heavy as Thirty-One the company gives you so much in free stuff.  Every C&C, you get something free for attending and once in a while, they let you earn a set of products for free.  Here is the most recent one called Ready, Set, Sell where reps can earn new and never before seen products before the catalog is even out yet.  Read below for more details.


Ready Set Sell Thirty-One Incentive